Smart-controlled heating

Smart-controlled devices can easily turn your home into a hi-tech fortress giving you control over many appliances through your smartphone. The best area where to start is heating.

Heating is an example of how these kinds of systems work. The problem with the smart system that we have now is that it does not work well enough to be truly useful in situations where you really need to rely on the smart device for a specific purpose.

However, I am currently using these systems as a part of my weekend house infrastructure, and this winter, I have been satisfied with the ability to check temperatures and control electrical heating to avoid damage.

As long as you use such devices only when the temperatures outside drop below zero, this will also allow you to save money by having more energy-efficient appliances during times when electricity costs are high or when your resources are limited.

The best thing is that I have an app on my phone which allows me to check the temperature, and whether the heating is in or off. It has a lot of cool features like being able to set up automatic temperature changes if it gets too cold. And I don’t have to worry about the risk of frozen pipes inside the house.

Here is an example of how I am controlling my smart thermostat from the outside. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s very helpful in keeping things warm during cold weather.

I bought the Sonoff Smart Switch with a temperature sensor. It’s not a simple plug & play device but only a little skill is needed to attach the wires – simply attach the L terminal and the N terminal plus Earth of the power cord and the device (electric heater).

Be careful about the power limitations – the Sonoff Smart Switch is provided in 10 A and 16 A version, so choose an appliance with power input below 2,300 Watts in European countries with 230 V in the outlet.

Make sure to connect the wires to the right terminals, not like we did in the video for the first time :o)

Simply use the eWelink application
You can add the smart device after you create an account
Then, you can pair the app with the smart switch using your Wi-Fi (2.4G Remote)
You are adding one device, so you choose the first option
Add your Wi-Fi SSID and password
You set the device into pairing mode – just hold the button on the device for a couple of secconds
After a successful pairing, simply assign the switch to the room/area
You will find your smart switch in the app
You can turn it on or off manually, or you can try the automatic settings or set the schedule for the smart switch