How to Secure Your Home?

Thieves most often enter apartments and houses through poorly closed windows, then through the basement, garage, or balcony. They don’t shy away from neighbors in the next house. They most often choose to visit houses at night, while they enter flats during the workday when most people are at work. 

According to recent statistics, there were 5 033 burglaries of flats, houses, and weekend houses between January and the end of November 2020 in the Czech Republic.  

If you’re interested in finding out what the crime rate is in your area, you can search for your home on the crime map.

So how can you best secure your home against uninvited guests?    

Door Security

The basic step to securing all your property is to get a good quality door and security lock. Always buy only from the experts and ask for products certified according to international standards. There are several security levels – the higher the level, the better the security.  

Before buying a lock, you should know whether you have a right or left-hand door (right-hand doors have hinges on the right if you are standing on the side where the hinges are visible). You also need to know the spacing of the door and its thickness. A quality dealer should then be able to advise you on which lock is suitable for you.   

If you have an ordinary door, it is a good idea to fit an additional lock so that it can be locked in more than one place.   

It is also possible to get a security door with special reinforcement, which provides an even higher level of security. Their price ranges are a bit higher, but the investment is worth it.  

Window Security  

Windows are the weakest point in your home. That’s why you should also pay attention to their security. There are several options, windows can be fitted with security pins and locks to prevent prying, lockable handles, or security film to. Thieves can also be deterred by a grille or roller shutter.  

Electronic Security 

The fundamental difference between mechanical and electronic security is that electronic security, among other things, informs you that something is wrong. The choice is really wide. You can choose between alarms that detect the opening of doors or windows, the movement of a person, or the breaking of glass. Besides that, you can also decide whether to choose a classic alarm or a more sophisticated security system. Such system can inform you or the security service in the event of an intrusion.  

Again, we advise you to choose a verified dealer who will recommend the appropriate type of security based on your requirements and depending on whether you live in a house or apartment. The price range depends on how many rooms you wish to secure.

Make sure to follow these rules: 

  • When leaving the house, always make sure that you have closed all windows and doors securely.
  • Secure not only the exterior doors but also the interior doors connecting the living space e.g. to the cellar or garage. 
  • Do not leave ladders or other items in the garden that could help thieves. 
  • Do not leave valuables and money in the usual hiding places (for example, under a mattress). 
  • Do not keep a spare key around the house! (A whopping 41% of burglars still find keys under the doormat or in pots.)
  • If you have arranged home insurance for burglary, we recommend checking the insurance company’s requirements and adjusting your security accordingly.